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I was a crunchy granola mom before it was cool, so you can say I was a trailblazer for moms today! You’re welcome! LOL When my kids were babies I decided to ditch the toxins and switch to natural cleaning and personal care products. I also started feeding my family as much organic food as possible and got in the habit of reading labels. Then I met another homeschool mom, who is a natural herbalist. She got me started with herbal health and gave me my first comfrey plant. That was when I realized the power of plant medicine. Fast forward several years to when I discovered the doTERRA difference. My life will never be the same and I will never be able to stop talking about these amazing gifts of the earth!

Did you know that the essential oil market is unregulated? This means that anyone can put anything in a bottle and label it as natural. That’s why doTERRA is the only brand of oils I have in my home. Their commitment to quality and purity is unmeasured. They are also committed to continued research. doTERRA Lavender has been proven to be the gold standard. See for yourself and then let me know if you’d like to experience the doTERRA difference.

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